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Product name : Full Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Product No. : 20234321553
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Overall Performance

Equipment type Fully automatic discrete, STAT priority

Analysis rate Constant speed 200T/H(without ISE)

Test principle Colorimetry, turbidimetry

Analysis method End-point, 2 kinetics, fixed-time, etc. support single/double wavelength, linear and non-linear calibration


Sample System

Sample Tray 49 sample positions, random access of all samples

Sample Volume 2-50ul, 0.1ul increment

Sample probe Liquid level detection, the remaining detection, collision protection etc.

Sample Containers Sample cups, Micro tube, Original blood-collection tube, etc.


Reagent System

Reagent Tray 56 reagent positions

Reagent Volume R1:25-300ul, R2:10-150ul, 0.1ul increment

Reagent Probe Liquid level detection, the remaining detection, collision protection etc.

Reagent Refrigeration 4-15, independent power supply, 24-hour non-stop refrigeration


Reaction System

Reaction Tray Rotating tray, 80 cuvettes

Cuvette Reusable high quality cuvette, Optical diameter 6mm

Reaction Volume 180-500ul

Incubation system Bi-directional liquid-air device

Temperature 37±0.1 with real-time display


Optical System

Light source 12V35W halogen lamps, over 2000 hours

Photoelectron road after spectrophotometry

Wavelength 340,405,450,510,546,578,630,700nm

Absorbance range 0-3.500Abs

Resolution 0.0001Abs


Operating System

PC operating system Windows XP or above

Analysis control software English version graphical operating software

Report printing Report formats support the user-defined mode, QC and state information etc.

System connection RS-232


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