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Product name : Hematology analyzer
Product No. : 202344162426
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 3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters, single channel counter ,up to 35 samples test per hour

Volume measurement by time ,not wrong warning

● Adanced valve technology,long life

RS232 interface, PC connecting

Electrical resistance for counting and SFT method of hemoglobin

Low sample consumption : venous 9.8 ul, capillary 9.8 ul, pre-diluted 20 ul for twice testing one time

8.4” color TFT, Windows interface all testing parameter displayed simultaneously

Windows operation system graphical buttons mouse and keyboard operation

Double convolution and intelligent fitting

Automatic diluting , Mixing , rinsing and clog clearing

Automatically sample probe cleaning (inside and outside)

Large storage capacity: up to 10,000 samples +3 histograms

Internal thermal-sensitive printer or external printer.

RS232 interface, PC connecting


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